Mooie dingen die leerlingen maken in lockdown


Is this the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?

I´m sitting in my room in front of my mirror. I look at myself and a tear falls. I´m staring at my reflection as if that´s going to change the way I feel about myself.

I feel numb, paralyzed. My life feels chaotic.

This is what society nowadays does to you. You feel incomplete, and not enough.

Most days I don´t recognize myself. I miss the person I used to be. Energetic, confident, and just happy.

It all seemed so simple and i took that for granted. I smile by the thought of how I felt back then.

People change, I changed.

It's is not easy to know I´m not anything i used to be. Maybe... maybe I needed this to become the woman I want to be. If I want to become the best version of myself I have to fully commit and get out of my comfort zone. Life isn´t easy or fair.

I look at myself and smile. What if I choose me? What if I decided i won't listen to the negative voice in my head.

Then who do I want to be then I ask myself?

I am an initiator, goal-oriented, optimistic, and always open to a challenge. I study, work, and am involved in sports and take care of my health. I take pleasure in it and feel good about it because I deserved to live in a healthy body. I

am comfortable in my skin, this is my body and I am proud of it. I am body positive and no longer insecure. I don't have to meet the demands of society at all.

I have left my comfort zone and what I feel good about.

That´s the woman I want to be.

When I look in the mirror I want to see a strong and confident woman.

Today I choose me.

This is the beginning of the end. Today I choose to leave the negative thoughts behind.

It´s time to choose

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